This week on the Reef News Network we will be talking news, skimmers, and the Great Water Change debate. For those of you who do or don’t do water changes but want to know why you should or shouldn’t this episode is for you. Join us for a point, counterpoint on the topic and learn more about why it is possible to NOT do them anymore.

0:00 – Intro

0:50 – Host Chat

6:25 – The News
A mutant zooxanthallae can refuse coral symbiosis –

Most Sunscreens Can Harm Coral Reefs –

The lobster emoji was anatomically inaccurate so now it’s getting fixed –

14:21 – Tip of the week: DO NOT waste time or money on a CHEAP skimmer!

17:55 – Feature Topic: The Great Water Change Debate
Saltwater Aquarium Water Changes –

The Triton Method –

45:35 – Outro