This week on the Reef News Network we will be talking news, shop vacs, and Dude, what’s in my water? Forget what’s happening in your tank, let’s talk about what is lingering in your water before you even start! This week we will talk about what is in your source tap water, what the good is, what the bad is and why you honestly don’t want to use it. We will discuss what to look and test for, what you should do about what you find and give some tips on what to do if you are forced to use it. All this and more on episode 2 of the Reef News Network!

0:00 – Intro

0:48 – Host Chat

4:56 – The News
A ‘marine motorhome for microbes’: Oceanic plastic trash conveys disease to coral reefs –

This new squid species is adorably tiny –

Scuba Diver Swims Through Garbage In The Ocean –

6:24 – Tip of the week: Shop vac for your tank

19:09 – Feature Topic: Dude, what’s in my water?
Resources and References –

45:35 – Outro