IVF for the GBR, The Best salts of 2018 and Used and Hopefully NOT Abused Part Duex. An amazing large-scale coral spawn collection project is taking place on the Great Barrier Reef. A quick look at a blog post about the best-selling salt mixes of 2018 from the SaltWaterAquarium Blog. The tip ties right into the report on salt mixes and provides some helpful tips for making your saltwater. Jeremy and Peter catch you up on their systems. Jeremy has made some forward progress on the lighting front and received his internal overflows. He also gets Peter to agree to lend a hand drilling the custom overflow boxes and countersinking the magnets he will be using to secure the trim to his steel stand. Peter went big and ordered an awesome lid for the Waterbox! All this and more on Episode 39 of the Reef News Network!

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The News:
Best Salts of 2018 per the Saltwater Aquarium blog post. RNN in no way supports or refutes the claims made in the text. RNN notes the limited data set points for the results. http://bit.ly/2018Salt

IVF for the GBR (In Vitro Fertilization for the Great Barrier Reef) – A huge undertaking is going on down under, this brilliant project aims to assist natural coral spawning by targeting placement of coral larva to the areas with the most need. http://bit.ly/IVF4GBR

Tip of the Week:
Peter’s tip ties into his news item and is all about mixing it up… salt that is. A great overview on the best methods for salt mixing, something we all do! http://bit.ly/2FZrvrX

Main Topic:
Used Hopefully NOT Abused Part Duex: A quick guide to buying used goods. With a focus on equipment.


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