Sunscreen Warning, a Bad time for Sea Turtles and Used NOT Abused Part 1. A great video to share about the need for Sunscreen alternatives from BBC Earth. The Audobon Society of Massachusetts tells a sad story of cold stunned Sea Turtles. Jeremy and Peter give you a quick breakdown of what’s going on in their systems. There is still a tiny little bit of time to vote for the Shrimp Bowl contest (ENDS TONIGHT at Midnight) and this is a real deal contest with a great amount of voting, get your friends and family involved!! Used NOT Abused PT 1 all this and more on Episode 38 of the Reef News Network!

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The News:
A video from BBC Earth that spreads the message for alternantive sunscreen options.

Cold stunned Turtles wash up in large numbers on the coast line of Cape Cod.

Tip of the Week:
Jeremy’s tip of the week: Have an area of refuge for your pods. A refugium is a great place for pod reproduction and safe haven ensuring that you have a great supply for the benefit of your system. What if you don’t have a refugium?? Create a space for pod population, a Pod Hotel, there are a bunch of DIY approaches and a few manufactured ones to accomplish this. Another approach that I am trying out is a bit of rubble in the overflow chamber to create more space for pods with no predators.

Main Topic:
Used NOT Abused part 1: A quick guide to buying used goods. With a focus on Tanks, Stands, Sumps and lights.


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