Reef News Network and ReefWeeds presents The Super Mega Awesome Shrimp Bowl Build Contest, Sponsored by:
Marine Depot
OSA Corals
Fritz Aquatics

Why SuperShrimp? “Well, because they are the coolest, most easy to take care of, and one of the longest lived pets (20+ years) out there! “Easy” seems to be a fashionable word to use nowadays when it comes to advertising, even if it really does not describe what’s being sold accurately. In this case, though, it’s spot on. How about setting up an aquarium, and then never change water again…ever!? Yes, Supershrimp do not ever need a water change. How about a pet that needs food only once or twice a month? How about a pet that can live in a half a gallon aquarium….for over 20 years? How about having 50 pets in that half a gallon? Did we mention that they still don’t need a water change? All 50 of them. Supershrimp aren’t shy either. These blood red shrimp will run and swim around all day long, entertaining both children and adults practically forever. Forever? Yes, forever. Not only do these shrimp live over 20 years, they will also reproduce in your tank once they feel fully comfortable. One day you’ll discover tiny larvae floating around in your tank that will turn into miniature versions of the adults in two week’s time….and you don’t even have to feed the larvae as they come with their own food supply (yolk sac). This is truly the perfect pet. No matter if you want a small, portable super-nano tank on your office desk with 20-50 shrimp, or you want to emulate their habitats by having hundreds or thousands of these creatures in larger tanks, there is no other pet in the world that can keep up with the Supershrimp when it comes to ease of care, interesting behavior and characteristics, and long term fun that could be passed on from generation to generation. A true mini-habitat in your living room or office. –

Register:  Between July 18 and August 18 (deadline) registration form at bottom of post

Container:  Any tank or container can be used as long as it does not exceed 2 gallons
Livestock & Macro:  Must be purchased from, the addition of mangrove is the ONLY other live item that can be added not offered by 10% discount for all contestants: RNN10
Decoration: There is no cap or direction on what you can use for substrate, rock, wood or decoration as long as it as NOT LIVE (see above). The focus of this contest is to show what you can do with a small space and very tight guidelines. Be creative, have fun and MOST OF ALL, please respect the livestock and use ONLY items that are safe for them

Step by Step setup instructions to be used as a guideline:

Reef2Reef Contest Page:

Important Date:
Register: July 18 to August 19
Tank Build Starts: August 19  Ends:  October 31
Voting: November 1 to 15
Live Winner Announcement: November 16

To enter:  YOU MUST REGISTER at Reef News Network (form in this post) and must be a Reef2Reef Member (signup is free)
Weekly Updates:  Must submit weekly tank shots on Instagram, tag @reefnewsnetwork and hashtag #RNNShrimpContest in addition post on the Reef2Reef forum thread Reef News Network and ReefWeeds present:  The Super Mega Awesome Shrimp Bowl Build.  Contestants can only miss one week of the weekly posts, if you miss more than one week, you will be disqualified

Contest open to Continental US Residents only

The contest ends on October 31st.  Voting will begin on November 1st and run through November 15th.  There will be three prizes:

1. Best Overall Shrimp Build – Grand Prize (Waterbox Cube 20 complete tank setup)
2. Best Scape – Second Prize (TBD)
3. Most budget-friendly – Third Prize (TBD)

Prizes will be given every 3 weeks to all currently active contest members. All contestants will be given a # upon registration and giveaways will be performed by random number generator live on FaceBook


1 – Waterbox Cube 20 AIO provided by OSA Corals
1 – ReefBreeders LED Controllable light provided by ReefBreeders
1 – ReefBreeders Reef Power RP-26 Power Head provided by ReefBreeders
1 – Cobalt Neo-Therm Heater provided by Reef News Network
1 – Fritz Aquatic Start Kit (1 box of Salt, 1 Bottle of Turbo Start, 1 set of RPM Elements) provided by Fritz
2 – 20lbs Bags of Arag-alive Sand (users choice of type) provided by CaribSea
1 – 20lb Box of LifeRock Shapes provided by CaribSea


1 – Lifegard Aquatics Full View 7-Gallon Aquarium Kit provided by Marine Depot
1 – Small set of Freshwater Rocks or Stones (user choice of style) provided by Marine Depot

Addition prizes and sponsors will be announced throughout course of contest

Contestants can only win one final prize.  Provided a contestant wins more than one category, the second in line for the next category wins that category

User Registration

NOTE: be sure to use the @ symbol when posting your Instagram name please

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