Getting on with our Geek about Parrotfish Beaks, Mo Sunscreen, Mo Problems and Thinkin’ up a Master Plan. Catch up with Jeremy and Peter and their systems, builds and plans. This week we had three great listener calls (keep them coming!!!) and a ton of great info for you in our main topic. All this and more on Episode 46 of the Reef News Network!

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Jeremy: Scientist have cracked the secrets of uncrackable Parrotfish teeth. These are the teeth that are responsible for all the beautiful white sandy beaches out there. Parrotfish eat coral and grind up the skeleton and excrete sand. How is this possible? A team of scientists subjected parrotfish beaks to a Berkeley X-ray machine known as the Advanced Light Source (ALS). The ALS can image organic crystals at a microscopic level. And the analysis revealed a unique woven structure in the crystals in a parrotfish’s mouth that could open new frontiers for materials science, the researchers said. –

Peter: More evidence of sunscreen causing damage to coral. –

Listener Calls:
Greg from Arizona with a question about water changes and his new sump.
Jake from Washington asks an interesting question about 2-Part dosing.
Josh from England wants input on the use of a canister filter on a reef tank.

Main Topic:
Reef News Network breaks down some suggested practices for success. The day to day, week to week, month to month, semi-annual and annual tasks for maintaining your reef.


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