A 512-year old shark, 7 habits and we are doubling down on D…is for Dosing AKA ….2-part. This week Jeremy and Peter catch you up on what they have going on with their systems and drop some big names that will be attending Keep On Reefing Expo 2019. All this and more on Episode 45 of the Reef News Network!

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Frag Farmer’s Market – 3/2/19
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Keep On Reefing Expo – 5/4/19

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Jeremy: 512-year old shark, oldest living vertebrate, found in the North Atlantic. Scientists believe this 18-foot Greenland Shark to be 512 years old and the oldest living vertebrate in the world. With the help of a mathematical model analyzing the lens and the cornea that linked size with age, researchers found a way to predict age. The method to discover the age of the animal was determined last year. – http://bit.ly/2Fwo5LW

Peter: 7 Habits of a Responsible Reefer. – http://bit.ly/2FtWqLW

Tip of the Week:
It’s getting to be one of those times of year where storms are a raging and power outages can happen. Have a contingency plan! A generator or battery backup can be a real lifesaver. Blankets or some type of insulation to wrap around your tank can help to keep temp up a bit. Temperature and gas exchange are the most important things to keep stable during an outage, your tank can survive without lighting for 3-4 days without too much stress. On that note make sure to lower your lighting intensity for a day or two after a prolonged dark period, allowing your inhabitants to re-acclimate.

Main Topic:
This week we jump back into D is for Dosing. Going over Calcium Reactors, dosing products and programs for your reef.


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