Lose your socks, breaking the law and Back to basics with Mr. Afishionado himself, an exclusive interview with Richard Back! All this and more on Episode 35 of the Reef News Network! In this episode we get updated on Jeremy and Peter’s progress with their systems. Jeremy has finished the stand put it in place and has the tank up on it, huge progress this week. Peter has finished setting up the video studio and picked up some more red hot frags for his Waterbox system. We bring your attention to an upsetting story out of Miami about a Marine Engineering company that ignored proper protocols for protecting endangered coral species and Peter’s tip of the week is to lose your socks…filter socks that is! All this and more on episode 35 of the Reef News Network.

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The News:
A Pembroke Park-based marine engineering firm ignored a requirement to survey and remove endangered coral while replacing channel marker range lights in the Port of Miami in 2014 and 2015, the company has admitted in federal court.

Tip of the Week:
Peter says to lose the sock and switch thing up by going to media baskets!

Main Topic:
Peter has the privilege of Interviewing Mr. Richard Back of Afishionado TV and Reefs.com fame. An exclusive and the first time Richard has come out from behind the camera and brought his story to the public.


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