Coral larva listening for a healthy reef? Richard from the Afishionado channel is Back at it again this time with quality content from ACI aquaculture and the 12 Days of Reefmas. Jeremy and Peter quickly catchup on their systems this week and breakdown the plan for the next few episodes. All this and more on Episode 41 of the Reef News Network!

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The News:
Jeremy – A new study from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is starting to unravel that mystery. Researchers found that the soundscape of a reef — the combined sounds of all animals living nearby — might play a major role in steering corals towards healthy reef systems and away from damaged ones. The study was published Dec. 12, 2018, in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Peter – Peter brings our attention to the awesome content created by Richard Afishionado Back visiting ACI Aquaculture.

Tip of the Week:
Peter brings you a few tips rolled into one. Last week’s episode really had him thinking about healthy fish…how to get them in the first place and keep them that way.

Main Topic:
The 12 Days of Reefmas….Jeremy and Peter go back and forth with their Top 10 Coral they want to add to their tanks.


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