MACNA Speaker videos drop, a listener call and don’t react, set up a reactor! This week we catch up with Jeremy and a now healthy Peter and get the lowdown on what they have going on. Jeremy is still working on his stand but making real progress and should be finished with it before the next set of show notes. Peter is setting up a video production studio to add even more awesome content from RNN, eagerly awaiting another WWC delivery and updates us on the Waterbox. We help you to avoid any continued feelings of FOMO for MACNA 2018 and have an interesting listener call and Don’t react, set up a reactor! All this and more on episode 34 of the Reef News Network.

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The News:
The videos from MACNA 2018 talk have released. I highly suggest taking a look at the topics and checking out any that seem appealing. These videos are a great way to get rid of any lingering FOMO from MACNA (if you didn’t go). First one I watched was Marc Levenson’s talk on setting up a new tank. It is very thorough and has some great things to take into consideration. Highly recommended for those just getting into the hobby or anyone who is about to upgrade.

Listener Call
Talbot gives us another shout and fills us in with an update on his friends clown harem tank and ask about Phosphates and chasing target numbers.

Main Topic:
Reactor Overview and detailed Calcium Reactor walkthrough. Don’t React, Set up a Reactor.

Link to referenced Marine Depot Video:

Sidebar: What are Bio-pellets made of What Are Biopellets? Per the Marine Depot Blog: Biopellets are a biodegradable polymer that is made from bacteria. They act like steroids for the beneficial bacteria in your system. You want a strong colony of this bacteria because it naturally controls the nitrates in a tank. Corals need some small levels of nitrates and phosphates to thrive. But too much of either can lead to problems like coral death or algae bloom.


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