Two New and Spectacular Anthias, HUGE news from Richard Afishionado Back and 99 Problems: Nuisance Algae, get out of our heads and out of our tanks, RNN’s top 6 offenders in the category and how to handle them. This week Jeremy and Peter talk about a few of the gems they picked up at CTARS Fragtoberfest, and a few updates on their systems and Peter is about to be on the road again for the Aquarium Extravaganza. Our tip of the week covers a nice little tip on using rubble to replace a frag plug. All this and more on Episode 31 of the Reef News Network.

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Tip of the week:
A piece of rubble is a great way to replace a frag plug.

Main Topic:
99 PROBLEMS: Nuisance Algae and how to deal with it. RNN’s top 6 offenders get discussed. We shed some light on the Algae (and Bacteria) and give some tips on how to handle them all.


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