Pickling your reef, a podcast about straws and Mushrooms got my mind. This week we catch up with our hosts and talk about some setbacks for Peter and about a planted tank build Jeremy is doing. In the news we discuss a podcast that has an entire episode on the straw and talk a bit about Kessil’s new light. Our tip of the week is full of homegrown goodness covering an alternative source for your Kalkwasser. For the main event we get into Mushrooms and you are gonna trip over all this great info (just like Jeremy and Peter trip all over the scientific pronunciations). All this and more on Episode 27 of the Reef News Network!

Host Chat

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The News:
99PercentInvisible Podcast The First Straw- https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/the-first-straw/
Kessil A360X – http://kessil.com/products/saltwater_A360X.php

Tip of the week: Pickling your reef

Main Topic: Jeremy and Peter share a ton of info about Corallimorparia, how to keep them, fragging info, pro’s and cons, and just scratch the surface of the mushroom culture!


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