An improbable reef in Colombia, Images of a rare very deep-water species and Movers and Shakers, Moving on Up or to the east side, without bringing your tank certain demise. In this episode we catch up with Peters major upgrade, Jeremy is still talking freshwater but brings a bit of salt into the mix. Colombia’s Veradero reef is an improbable reef that is at risk even with its adaptability. This reef could prove to be a major key to scientific discovery. Footage of a rare species from the Atacama trench proves fascinating and slightly disturbing. We keep it old school for our tip of the week. All this and more on Episode 29 of the Reef News Network!

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Keep an old school glass thermometer, just in case!

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Jeremy and Peter give you some solid info on transferring, upgrading and/or moving your system. Bringing loads of personal experience and some great tips for any change that comes your way. Sit back and enjoy this episode then start to make a plan for you next upgrade or change.


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