Seeing Star(fish), a whole new reef and LEDs Please with Logan Vanghele of ReefBreeders. This week we chat about Jeremy, Peter and Logan’s systems. We hear a bit about some awesome starfish an amazing newly found Atlantic ocean reef off the coast of South Carolina and Peter talks cleaning LEDs with Logan for our tip of the week. For our main topic we find out a bit about Logan and ReefBreeders and tap into his brilliant brain to get a broad understanding of LEDs and your tank. All this and more on Episode 26 of the Reef News Network!

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Scientist discover giant deep sea coral reef –
Seeing Stars isn’t so hard –

Tip of the week: Cleaning your LEDs

Main Topic: Jeremy takes on his first solo interview with Logan Vanghele of ReefBreeders fame. They discuss Logan’s story and journey in starting ReefBreeders, delve into some great info about LEDs and even jump into a few hot button issues.


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