This week we shake things up a bit and not only have a listener call in, we also call a listener & get down to business with The Full Monti. Jeremy has finally started to make some progress on his tank build and is hoping to build some momentum, Peter fills us in on his trip to Chi-Town and tries not to hack up a lung while recording sick (all for the good of the podcast). All this and more on episode 33 of the Reef News Network.

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The News:
Today we talk with a dedicated listener and fan since day 1, Collin Bascom about his amazing hands on experience with the Ocean Cleanup Project ( ) .

Listener Call
A very insightful call from Mike about the level of responsibility for Sellers of live animals and what Expert’s Only means.

Main Topic:
The Full Monti : An overview of Montipora for the Reefer.


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