Ocean cleanup project, Sharkweek shark facts & Rhythm and FLOW for your reef. This week we get fluid and talk flow, we will get into power heads, gyres, closed loops and more. Many people consider flow one of the key if not THE key parameter when it comes to a successful reef tank. Hop in the undertow and take a ride with us as we talk about abut the hardware, why you need it, how to use it and as always some great tips and tricks, all this and More on Episode 22 of the Reef News Network

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The News:
Ocean Cleanup Project ahead of schedule – https://www.theoceancleanup.com

Shark Facts:

  • Great white sharks have large eyes proportional to their body, and while their irises may appear black they are actually a deep blue.
  • Fossil records indicate that great white sharks have been around for at least 16 million years.
  • A study from 2014 estimated the lifespan of great white sharks to be 70 years or more, much higher than all previous estimates.
  • After a big meal, great white sharks can fast for up to three months.
  • Great white sharks eat about 11 tons of food per year. In comparison, the average human eats about half a ton of food per year.
  • Great white sharks generally attack seals from below, but their technique changes slightly depending on the size and species of the seal.

Kaomer FX-STP Continuous Doser – https://www.coralvue.com/kamoer-fx-stp-peristaltic-pump

Topic of the Week: Flow in a reef Aquarium


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