More coral spawning, a roast over the squid emoji and the 12 days of Fishmas. The Acan Lord spawning at Ultimate Corals is big news for all hobbyists, and Monterey Bay Aquarium gets a little troll like on Apple’s Squid emoji. Jeremy says let there be light over his system and had a busy Saturday making it to a few local event’s at Ocean State Aquatics and the CTARS holiday party. Peter had an adventure all his own that was a bother but ended up having a silver lining. All this and more on Episode 40 of the Reef News Network!

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The News:
Monterey Bay Aquarium trolls Apple with solid puns over the anatomically incorrect squid emoji on Apples platform. A misplaced siphon on the squid led to this Punny Roast on twitter. Definitely good for a chuckle. for the twitter thread look at Dec. 5th
Micro Lord Acans successfully spawned by Ultimate Corals with a huge success rate. This beautiful species is highly sought after and a valuable addition to the hobby and soon to be in our tanks!

Tip of the Week:
Jeremy’s tip this week is use the bookmark bar on your browser for all thing’s fishy that you may need to find again. Peter chimes in and adds an excellent option for apple users by going one step further and says add it to the reading list, this eliminates all the ads and clutter.

Main Topic:
The 12 Days of Fishmas….Jeremy and Peter go back and forth with their Top 5 dream fish or planned fish for their current builds.


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