A new robot on the reef, clownfish microbe correlation and D is for Dosing. Jeremy and Peter jump into recording in 2019 strong. We catch up on their plans and a few fun and easy extra tips and Jeremy finally makes his RODI procedure a bit easier! All this and more on Episode 44 of the Reef News Network!

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Peter: Clownfish may use microbes to cozy up to anemones suggests a new study out of Georgia Tech. The study posits that on a microbial level the interaction between anemones and clownfish may be mutualistic and communicate that the clownfish aren’t food. – http://bit.ly/2SHNVQj
Jeremy: LarvalBot delivers 100,000 baby coral to the Great Barrier Reef. A new robot on the reef, related closely to RangerBot that hunts the Crown of Thorns starfish, LarvalBot is an automated robot used to re-seed devastated parts of the reefs. – https://nbcnews.to/2AxfPaw

Tip of the Week:
Get your House or at least your tank in order. Set yourself up for success in 2019. Take stock and organize all your various aquarium related stuff. Maybe it’s time for a purge or just a nicely laid out plan to keep your tank and all of its peripherals on track.

Main Topic:
Let’s start the year of with a BANGER, this episode is so packed full of info on dosing we ended up cutting it into a two-parter. We covered the basics of dosing and some delivery methods. Make sure to test, track and adjust slowly. More dosing fun to come next week.


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