Sponge Filters??? A new fuge light and Tridacna Clams, Can you Dig it???? Peter finds an interesting article on sponge filters and plans on incorporating them into his system. Jeremy talks about the new Fuge light from Aqua Illumination. Jeremy also convinces Peter to pimp out the plumbing on his new build. We answer plumbing question for Steve from Indiana. All this and more on Episode 47 of the Reef News Network.

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Peter: 6 Reasons to add a sponge filter to your aquarium today. – http://bit.ly/2RTtUtC
Jeremy: Aqua illumination announces the Prime Fuge light. – http://bit.ly/2RSz1dw

Listener Calls:
Steve from Indiana has a question about plumbing size and flow.

Main Topic:
Tridacna Clams! A great episode all about these stunning bi-valves.


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