Big Ol’ Filter socks?, Salt vs. Fresh and Designer Genes. An Australian town installs big nets on drainage pipes with great success and plans to expand this measure. We go over a blog post about the cost comparison in the short term and long term of Freshwater vs. Saltwater tanks. Jeremy and Peter are making progress on their systems. There is still time to vote for the Shrimp Bowl contest and this is a real deal contest with a great amount of voting, get your friends and family involved!! Designer Genes: A clown fish episode all this and more on Episode 37 of the Reef News Network!

Photo Credit: Rick Correira

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The News:
Cost of Salt Vs. Fresh Aquariums. Peter speaks about a blog post, comparing costs of salt vs. fresh tanks for startup and over time.

City of Kwinana in Australia sets up filter sock like nets on drainage pipes with good success! Collecting around 850lbs of waste in just 4 months working in two locations. No animals were caught in the nets during the trial period. The city plans on expand the trial adding three new locations. This method is looking to be the preferred method for the city since the cost is significantly lower than other options and a high rate of success.

Tip of the Week:
Peter’s tip of the week is a great one! Discourage gift giving form friends and family for your tank, especially livestock. GIFTCARDS are a great alternative.

Main Topic:
Designer Genes: A quick 101 guide to clownfish and the designer versions out there today. Some history and a bit of science on clownfish and how the designer craze is working out in our hobby.

SIDEBAR: Once female Clownfish cannot revert back to male. Starting as males the will transform to females.


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