This week on the Reef News Network we will be talking news, Keep on Reefing and with Mr Scott Crowe! We will talk to Scott about some tips of the trade on how to start a tank right, best practice for maintenance and what his golden rule is, or at least what he decided to tell us 😉 In addition to the great info Scott will bring to the table we will talk about Scott’s debut Expo: Keep On Reefing! Drop in have a listen, the energy is EPIC and the show will be one for the ages. If you have not done so already go to and pre buy your tickets now for exclusive extras.

0:48 – Host Chat

5:31 – The News
Decline in plastic bags on seabed suggests measures to tackle waste are working –

Basking sharks gather in large groups off northeast US coast: Group sightings are fairly rare –

Reef Endurance Supplements by Coralvue

16:14 – Tip of the week: Use only a dab of glue when mounting frags

17:35 Special Guest: Scott Crowe from Ocean State Aquatics and

57:44 – Outro