The WWC MEGA-STORE, a New Storm making news and the RNN Christmas Spectacular. Jeremy and Peter catch us up on their systems, plans for this episode and next week and wish everyone the happiest of holidays, all this and more on Episode 43 of the Reef News Network!!

Upcoming Events:
Frag Farmer’s Market – 3/2/19
AquaShella Dallas 3/30 – 3/31/19
Reef-A-Palooza Orlando – 4/6 – 4/7/19
Keep On Reefing Expo – 5/4/19

OSA Aquatics –
ReefWeeds –
Red Sea –
WaterBox Aquariums –
Frita Aquatics
AquaMaxx Magnus –
World Wide Corals –
Reef Breeders LEDs
Credabel Coral Lab –
EcoTech Marine –
Aqua Illumination –
Kessil – –
CTARS Fragtoberfest – /
CT Frag Farmers Market – /
Keep On Reefing Expo –
Cobalt Aquatics
302Aquatics –
Santa Monica Filtration
Clearwater Scrubbers –
Marine Depot –
Bulk Reef Supply –
Two Little Fishies –
Tunze –
Pax-Bellum –

The News:
Jeremy – Orange Storms from Sea and Reef Aquaculture hit the market just in time for the holidays and they are pretty amazing! I am a big fan of these, the black storms while stunning did not suit my fancy. I will certainly be adding a pair to my system (at some point)!

Peter – WWC Megastore is a huge step from an industry giant! We can’t wait to see it!

Tip of the Week:
Jeremy Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Make sure to carve out a few minutes of your day to spend with your tank to keep it happy but try and spend most of the day with loved ones!

Main Topic:
RNN Christmas Spectacular


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