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  • In case you were wondering, this is how a sea hare eats!
#socool #workingslug
  • Great tip for those dosing rpm in the 475ml bottles! 1/4” Mur-lok Push Connect Bulkhead Tank Adapters thread perfectly into the neck of the bottles. Use caution because a full new bottle will overflow a tad when you insert to bulkhead and acrylic tube!

#fritzaquatics #fritzrpm #dosing
  • Ok folks if you have not signed up yet for the Super Mega Awesome Shrimp Bowl Build contest get over to scroll to the button and sign up! We are giving away multiple tanks including a waterbox AIO from and a Lifegard 7ga Full View Kit from Here is some inspiration to get you amped up for when the contest starts 8/19! This pic is my 1.7ga tank that will get wet tonight (RNN staff are starting early for inspiration and lessons learned). #osacorals #marinedepot #reefbreeders #carobsea #fritz #reefweeds #aquashella

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